George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #52

The Year Of Living Awesomely Mediocre

Our heroes celebrate a year of podcasting the only way they know how...with digressions, tangents, and derailments galore.  George talks about his appearance on Episode 58 of The Gaming Marathon where he took the Video Game Trivia Challenge with Marc Raco of Monkey Radio (both shows are part of the family of quality programming on the RELM Network at  George also tells us tales of temping.  Plus, feedback from Nancy L. of Long Beach.  All this and the boys talk football?!  We are just as confused as you are.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #51

The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

We provide an update on George's job status then compare the Oscar nominees and the Golden Globe winners. Plus, it's all about Tony: his love (or not) of Birdman, his pet peeve, and he even insults "the blondes." 

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #50

Fifty Shades of GATES

It's our 50th anniversary episode spectacular...and Tony literally phones it in. But, never fear, the Two Bryans (Bryan Loy and Brian Boenau) are back to discuss the Kickstarter campaign for their short film "Playthings." Plus, Bryan Loy tells us about his favorite films of 2014. You may be surprised. Please consider contributing to their fundraiser at

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #49

2014, We Hardly Knew Ye

Our heroes talk about their Christmas and New Year's celebrations. Then, it's on to a discussion about what they liked in pop culture in 2014...and the things they may have missed.

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