George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #48

Happy Holiday Part 4: Epi-Yule-Log

Christmas is over, the goose got really fat! And by "goose" we mean "George." This episode was recorded prior to Christmas. Please keep that in mind when you listen to Tony rant about Sony's original plan to not release "The Interview" and his opinion on CosbyGate. Then, sit back, relax and prepare to cleanse your palette with a discussion about giving gifts and the nog!!!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #47

Happy Holiday Part 3: Tales To Make You Tinsel

Tony gives us some fun facts about the states before our heroes exchange Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

The holidays may be ending but that doesn't mean you still can't use the Amazon link at for all your online shopping needs, including to purchase songs referenced on this show (by artists such as Arrested Development, Elvis Presley, Vince Guaraldi, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Jerry Reed).

Thank you for listening. We hope you have a fantastic holiday!!!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #46

Happy Holiday Part 2: Tepid Talk

After discussing the short film "Playthings" directed by Brian Boenau (with help from Bryan Loy) of George Mason University and feedback from our appearance on The Gaming Marathon: To The Extreme #4 (available as a Premium Program with Explicit Content for $0.99 at, plus a few obligatory tangents and sidebars, we finally get to some tinsel talk...Christmas cards, Secret Santas, and the theory of reciprocity.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #45

Happy Holiday Part 1: Christmas Dragnet

Our heroes discuss their Thanksgiving celebrations, Tony talks movies, and listener feedback.

The clip at the beginning of the show is from "Christmas Dragnet" by Stan Freberg. Curious? It's available for purchase at Please use the Amazon link at for all your online purchases.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #44

The boys play the good ol' "What's On Your iPod" game to help you recover from Thanksgiving weekend. Tony has his usual playlist but George has his holiday music ready to go. Hey, radio program directors, listen up! It's time to expand the Christmas music library on your stations. Take a lesson from George and Tony.

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