George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #117

Hope Nicholson of Bedside Press

George interviews Hope Nicholson, owner of Bedside Press. She is a publisher, editor, researcher, and producer. Some of her past and current projects include "Secret Loves of Geek Girls," "Moonshot," reprints of 1940's Canadian comic legends Nelvana of the Northern Lights and Brok Windsor, "Angel Catbird" with Margaret Atwood and Johnnie Christmas, and a reprint of John K Snyder III's 1980's comic series "Fashion in Action." She was also an associate producer on the documentary film "Lost Heroes" about the history of Canadian superheroes. Please check out her website,, for more information on these and many other exciting projects.

Believe it or not, Tony also makes an appearance this week to join George to talk about the late, great musical genius, Prince Rogers Nelson.

RIP Prince 1958-2016

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #116

Author Jonny Lupsha

George talks to author Jonny Lupsha about his books 100,000 Years In Detention, Penny Cavalier, and the Broken Paragon, all available through the Amazon link at Plus, Jonny shares information about his forthcoming book, tentatively titled Timeshare. Follow his progress at and "Like" his company on Facebook at

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #115

Poetic Justice League

You've listened to all the other podcasters review the latest superhero movie and now it's time for Tony's take on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! After he shares his opinions, he goes off on an obligatory tangent that confuses George. If you have any information to confirm or deny what Tony is talking about, please let us know on Facebook at George & Tony Entertainment or via Twitter @georgeandtony. Plus, George tells a story about his wedding in honor of his anniversary.

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Happy birthday, Tony.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #114

Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla Writer John Reilly

The title says it all...George chats with the writer of the Action Lab comic "Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla" which puts these two historical figures (and a bunch of others) into a series of extraordinary, supernatural circumstances. Please "Like" the Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla page on Facebook and help Action Lab celebrate their fifth anniversary by checking out their website at

Are you in the northern Virginia area? Then come on out to Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA on Saturday, April 23, 2016 to meet John in person at their one year anniversary party ( He will also be at CRRL-Con on Saturday, May 14 at the Eagle Run Branch Library in Fredericksburg, VA ( This is their second annual comic convention and it should be a blast. Don't forget to tell John that George and Tony sent you!

If your local comic shop does not carry the first two volumes of Herald, please make sure to at least pre-order issue number 7 from them and demand they stock the trades. Or you can always use the Amazon link at Thank you for supporting independent creators.

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