George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #109

Negasonic Podcast Warhead

Tony is back in the boiler room studio! How did he do on his PMP exam? Find out here, friends. Plus, George sees a movie.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #108

All-New, All-Different Rich Gollhofer

Rich Gollhofer from Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA ( returns to fill in for Tony. We know what you're thinking...another episode focusing on comic books. But, wait, there's more! Rich shares his take on the Super Bowl and the boys talk about the Grammys, new music, and the economy. Never judge a show by its cover.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #107

Comic Book Fever by George Khoury

Tony is finally taking his PMP exam this week so think good thoughts, Team GATES!!! 

This week, George is joined by author George Khoury.  His latest book, Comic Book Fever, is a celebration of the comic books published between 1976 and 1986. It is scheduled to be released June 22, 2016 and is available for pre-order at Let's face it, even if you are not an avid comic book reader like both Georges, you probably remember the days of checking out what was on the spinner racks of your local convenience stores. The historic and nostalgic factors make this book worth the price of admission. Want to sample some of George's other work while you wait? True Brit: Celebrating the Comic Book Artists of England and The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore are among the titles currently available using the Amazon link at "Like" Comic Book Fever by George Khoury on Facebook and tell him George and Tony sent you!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #106

The Doctor Is In - Part 1: Dr. Mara Wood

We keep hearing all the other shows talking about a sports game where some broncos played against some panthers and all the accompanying commercials. Anyone can do that. This week, Tony is in the penalty box while George welcomes Dr. Mara Wood back to the show. She went by "Mara Wood" when she appeared on episode 85. This time, George and Mara discuss her dissertation then have some fun talking comics, talking Shojo, talking Star Wars, and talking podcasts. Mara regularly appears on The Missfits, Talking Shojo, and the new Legendary Runs, all of which may be found on iTunes and

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #105

Kumamon's Space Jeans at Comic Logic

With a title like that, it has to be good! Postponed from last week thanks to Snowmageddon 2016, you now get to hear a brainstorming, stream of consciousness episode with George, Rich Gollhofer (check the archives for his previous appearances on episodes 32 and 89) and Kristina Moorhead (new to the show!) of Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA. Check them out at and follow and "Like" them on Facebook and Twitter.

With Tony still shoveling, George talks to his guests about another Drink and Draw, upcoming events at the store, Fluxx, blind boxes, Star Wars, and a whole lot of fun things. Wanna see Kristina's embroidered bags, hoodies, and cosplay costumes? Shop at

Shout outs to Sergio at Ashburn Wine Shop (, Kevin Bednarz (the Rouge...not a typo...Leader at Comic Logic..., and, oh yeah, George hates Ben!!!

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