George and Tony Entertainment Show

My Brother Took Down Fat Daddy

For weeks we have been teasing an "On The Couch With Tony" episode where we would delve into the deep recesses of Tony's mind to find out what makes him tick. Well, while this episode was planned to be us telling tales of our old school days in honor of back to school time, it somehow became a very dark episode with stories about bullying. You will get a little time on the couch with Tony but, surprisingly enough, it is George who does most of the purging. It's the After School Special Episode of GATES!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #82

The Kinky Karen Affair

Our heroes are back together in the boiler room studio to talk about movies that stand up to multiple viewings...and the resulting obligatory tangents and asides.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #81

JK Woodward - Artist Extraordinaire

You have heard George tell tales of stalking...ahem, we mean meeting artist JK Woodward at conventions. This week, the man himself comes on the show of his own free will...we swear!!! We talk about his work on Star Trek and Dr. Who comics at IDW (including his adaptation of Harlan Ellison's original screenplay of Star Trek's The City on the Edge of Forever), Fallen Angel (written by Peter David), and his creator owned properties, Behemoth (available at, and 49th Key (currently serialized in Heavy Metal magazine). Plus, stories of Super Storm Sandy!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #80

100 Hours of Sameness

George and Tony hit a milestone! How do they celebrate? Why, by talking about teachers, Jon Stewart, table top games, and movies, including Pixels, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and Ant-Man, of course. Plus, George rants and Tony gets confused. Good times. Good times.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #79

Shout Out To Mrs. Shughart

George's nephew, Frank, is back for his annual visit to the boiler room studio. What has he been up to this past year? Find out as we talk about a trip to Dollywood, class plays, college choices, and summer vacation. Plus, back by popular demand...the iPod game!!!

Thanks to our friends at Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA for yet another fantastic Drink and Draw class. Check them out at to sign up for future sessions and other fun events at the store!

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