George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #122

Phantom Train

Tony tells us about life threatening events...maybe. George sees some stupid drivers and experiences road rage...allegedly. Plus, George finally shares some details about his trip to Charleston, SC. And, what did George wind up doing on Free Comic Book Day? Well, he sure didn't take the PMP exam!!!

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RIP Darwyn Cooke 1962-2016

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #121

Bi-Lo Fried Chicken

Tony returns with the results of his second attempt at the PMP exam. Did he pass? Did he fail? Will he ever return to the show on a regular basis? Is George the next Kelly Ripa? You will have to download this episode to find out. Plus, George's tale about his trip to Charleston, SC turns into a rant about time shares, accessibility for the disabled, and...Bi-Lo fried chicken??!!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #120

Retro Disney World

George is joined by Todd McCartney and Brian Miles, two of the hosts of the Retro Disney World podcast, a monthly show about the history of the Disney theme parks in Orlando, Florida. In the spirit of their retro theme, they currently focus on the period from the lead up to the opening of the Magic Kingdom up to the early nineties with the introduction of Disney-MGM Studios. Whether you are a seasoned veteran at the parks, planning your first trip, or somewhere in between, you will love the wealth of information our guests provide at Please check out their podcast on their site or on iTunes. Don't forget to tell them George and Tony sent you.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #119

Static Shock

Rich Gollhofer of Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA ( returns to continue the conversation he started with George last week. Get ready to learn about some more great new books. It's a rollicking good time...with a little bit of regrettable background static. Let's just blame it on Tony.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #118

Belly Rubs, Brown Jackets, and Bat Soup

Don't let our feeble attempts at alliteration scare you away this week because George is joined by the gentle and generous Rich Gollhofer of Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA ( Everything mentioned in the title of this week's episode is mentioned in the show, along with a review of Comic Logic's one year anniversary celebration and a look forward to their plans for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 7, 2016! Plus, Rich shares some of his favorite new series, George goes to the DC Improv, and Kevin Bednarz's daily loads (at 

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