George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #39

It's the All Hallow's Eve Spooktacular!  And what else screams Halloween other than Star Trek Expansion Packs, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and a man crush on Keanu Reeves?  How about what we hope is an intellectual conversation on controversial costumes?  Oh yeah, and don't blink!!!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #38

Our heroes are alone this week...yet together.  Tony had himself a week and George went to New York Comic Con.  Plus, the boys talk TV, George ruins yet another celebrity photo op, and the Pringles are OK. 

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #37

Tony is back!!! How do the boys follow up a visit from recording artist Joe Taylor last week?  They invite RELM Network engineer extraordinaire, the easy rider himself, wild child RJ Diaz to the boiler room studios to talk about motorcycles, the Flash, Gotham, movies, and vinyl albums.  Plus, the question on everyone's mind (well, at least Tony's)...where is Rose?

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #36

George flies solo this week to welcome recording artist Joe Taylor to the boiler room studios. Joe is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and all around great musician. He and his manager, Sharmila Tredger (CEO of RockPaperScissors Media), were kind enough to talk to us about his album, "Anything's Possible", the music business, being known as the "Subway Idol", what he loves about Canada, his concern over Bo Obama, and breaking guitar strings. He even takes the time to play a few songs for us. Thank you, Joe!!!

Joe Taylor's music can be found on iTunes. Check out all things Joe Taylor, including videos and tour dates, at,, www.joetaylorofficial.com, Instagram://joetaylorofficialsongs

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