George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #96

The Fifth Beatle

Tony had too much tryptophan so George is once again left minding the GATES. Have no fear! George is joined by Vivek J. Tiwary, the author of the multi-award winning graphic novel, The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story. You have heard George gush about this book, which was illustrated by Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker. Vivek was kind enough to share the behind-the-scenes process of writing the story of his "historical mentor." Plus, he talks about his award winning past as a producer on Broadway, his current project writing the screenplay for the film adaptation of The Fifth Beatle, and what the future holds for his multi-platform arts and entertainment company, Tiwary Entertainment Group. 

You can find out more about Vivek and The Fifth Beatle at and Also, follow and "Like" him on Facebook at Vivek J. Tiwary and The Fifth Beatle Film and follow him on Twitter at Vivek J. Tiwary. Tell him George and Tony sent you.

What?! You don't know who Brian Epstein is and why he is important to the success of the Beatles? You haven't read Vivek's The Fifth Beatle? Please consider remedying this situation by ordering this exquisite graphic novel (and anything else you need for this holiday season) using the Amazon link at It also makes a great gift. Thank you for your support!

NOTE: Please pardon some of the audio quality during this episode. don't know who the Beatles are???  AARRGGHH!!!  

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #95

I'll Have What Phil's Having

Tony is out searching for Black Friday deals so George interviews special guest Phil Rosenthal, the creator and executive producer of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and currently the star of his own PBS series, I'll Have What Phil's Having, a wonderful travelogue show that just wrapped up season one. Phil discusses his travels around the world sampling all sorts of cuisine and soaking up diverse cultures. He also provides unique insight to some of your favorite episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.

You can get the DVD of the first season of I'll Have What Phil's Having using the Amazon link at Go to to find out more information about the show. Follow and "Like" Phil and I'll Have What Phil's Having on Facebook and Twitter...and don't forget to let him know you heard him on the show!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #94

Omar's Birthday Surprise

Omar Latiri, host of Arts Review and Commentary on the RELM Network ( and, returns to the show to fill in for Tony (Omar appeared on episode 56; check it out in the archives). George and Omar talk about all things pumpkin, holiday "non-troversies", Star Wars, and, as the title suggests, Omar's birthday surprise.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #93

Cue The Chimes For Darrell Taylor

Meet Darrell Taylor, fan of the RELM Network, and purveyor of his own podcasts on the Taylor Network. Follow him on Twitter @thevoice123 and @taylornetwork. George and Darrell discuss working at the New York Public Library, podcasting, diversity in comics, and two ships passing in the night at conventions. Plus, they talk about creators JK Woodward and Chris Kipiniak (Behemoth, available on, Tom King (Sheriff of Babylon from Vertigo Comics, Grayson and Omega Men from DC Comics, and Vision from Marvel Comics), and David Walker (Shaft from Dynamite Entertainment).

Interested in some of the books you hear about on the show? Please use the Amazon link at for all your online shopping needs.

And don't forget, George and Tony are planning their All Listener Feedback Show for the end of December. Send them your questions via Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for listening.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #92

Middleburg Film Festival 2015

Bryan Loy (@TenBucksAThrow on Twitter), film critic and co-founder of the independent film production company, Cineraffe, returns to discuss the Middleburg Film Festival ( with George and Tony. Among the films discussed: Spotlight, Son of Saul, Macbeth, Carol, 45 Years, Anomalisa, Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words, Tab Hunter Confidential, Harry and Snowman. Plus, celebrity encounters!

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