George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #61

Comic Logic

George is joined by guest host Rob Kaylin of Comic Logic, a new comic book and artwork store opening in Ashburn, Virginia Saturday April 25, 2015. We talk about the shop, the Flash, Rob's band Super Lucky Elephant, and affordable ways to display your variant covers.  Check them out at, "Like" them on Facebook at Comic Logic, and follow them on Twitter at comiclogicva. Tony will be back next week (although the George and Rob Entertainment Show has a nice ring to it.)

George and Tony will be at Comic Logic on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 2, 2015.  Come on out and say hi and check out the new store.  And, oh yeah...FREE COMICS!!!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #60

Slice of Life

Our heroes are all over the place today, and we wouldn't have it any other way. The Flash TV Show, Shadows of Mordor, Tom Clancy, Snowpiercer, ray beams, cable's death knell, overacting, and anecdotes!!! 

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #59

Zorphbert and Fred and Capes and Babes

Special double sized goodness as we are joined by webcomic luminaries Dawn Griffin, creator of Zorphbert and Fred (; and Chris Flick, creator of Capes and Babes (; We talk about the webcomic industry, creative type stuff, and, of course, Cleveland sports.  You can also check them out at

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #58

Riddle Me This

Since George has been booking all the recent guests, he finally gives Tony some time on the microphone. That means you get a Toast Masters update, learn about Star Citizen Pledge Packs and the magic of Chris Roberts. All this and listener feedback (keep 'em comin', folks), a riddle, and George is old.

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RIP Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #57

Madison, Wilde, and the Grouch

Bryan Loy returns to the show for some post-Oscar talk. You can read movie reviews by Bryan real soon at 

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