George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #69

RELM Team-Up: GATES & Mr. Media Bob Andelman

This is a giant sized episode featuring Bob Andelman, host of Mr. Media Interviews on the RELM Network and Bob is an accomplished author of numerous books, the latest of which is the new deluxe edition of "Will Eisner: A Spirited Life" available from TwoMorrows Publishing ( and a new, updated edition of his acclaimed book "Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay's Quest For MLB." Both books can be found at finer bookstores and by using the Amazon link at Plus Bob tells us about his one degree of separation from David Letterman!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #68

Brian Williams Moment

The interwebs fire Tony via listener feedback, TV shows on their last legs, cities with the worst traffic, Tony doesn't like vacations, and George's Brian Williams Moment.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #67

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Our heroes talk about the latest blockbuster from Marvel Studios - Avengers: Age of Ultron. We think it is free of spoilers but tread lightly, True Believers. George and Tony put their unique spin on how they "review" the movie. Before they get to that discussion, they recap Free Comic Book Day at Comic Logic located at 44031 Ashburn Shopping Plaza Suite 281, Ashburn, VA 20147. Plus, blog talk!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #66

Free Comic Book Day 2015 at Comic Logic

George and Tony record live at Comic Logic ( located at 44031 Ashburn Shopping Plaza Suite 281, Ashburn, VA 20147 on Free Comic Book Day 2015. Join us for interviews with artist Bill McKay (, the women from NOVA Roller Derby (, Kevin Bednarz from Comic Logic, cosplayers (including Jonathan Wolk from the 501st Legion, East Coast Avengers, Pop Culture Uncovered at and the PCU Podcast), and patrons before and after they get their free comics!

Plus, That Carbonite Guy and apologies to A'Den K'ada from

May the fourth be with you!

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