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Birthdays, Bees, and Battles

Rob Shade won't let a little alliteration prevent him from returning to the show as a guest co-host. George tells the tale of his trip to New York, Rob reminds us he may or may not have made the cut in the recently released film Battle of the Sexes, and our heroes see two miraculous movies.

All this plus the Emmys, Twin Peaks, and George's wife gets stung by a bee!

Please use the Amazon link at for all your online shopping needs including pumpkin spice, early Christmas gifts, and meat tenderizer. Listen to the show and that last item will make a lot more sense.

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Rose City Comic Con 2017

Eric from returns to talk to George about Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR. Get the full story of his adventures on a future episode of Longbox Review. For now, check his archives for some discussions with Peter Rios of, including their joint venture, The Legion Project (a podcast about the "Baxter run" of The Legion of Superheroes from the mid-80's).

George also talks about a new film project from frequent guest Bryan Loy being crowd funded through Indiegogo. Please check out Mount Skylight at and consider becoming a backer. Plus, the latest and greatest intimate comic con to hit the northern Virginia area has been announced. All Star Comic Con is coming to the Sheraton Tysons Hotel in Tysons Corner, VA June 15 thru 17, 2018. Follow and like them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tell 'em George and Tony sent you. Finally, check out Spongebob Comics #72 with cover art (and pencils and inks on the lead story) by friend of the show Gregg Schigiel ( Listen to this episode to find out why the two characters in the middle of panel one on page 7 are so important to George and Tony (and why they are wearing plain white t-shirts). 


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Last week, Rob Shade returned to the guest co-host chair to talk about his wedding, honeymoon, and Eclipse 2017 (check our archives on iTunes and This week, his wife Amy joins George to correct everything he said! OK, that might be an exaggeration but you still get to hear her side of the stories. Plus, like she did on episode 175, Amy talks astronomy!

First Hurricane Harvey, now Hurricane Irma. Let's not forget our friends in Texas and Florida. Please consider donating to and/or to help the victims of these storms. Disasters like these can happen anywhere.

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Buttery and Marinating

He proposed to his wife, Amy, on episode 152 of this very program (check our archives on iTunes and and he came back six times (episodes 158,161,167,169,172,176) afterward to, among other things, update us on different stages of planning the wedding. Now, Rob Shade returns to the guest co-host chair to talk to George about the wedding and the honeymoon, plus Disneyland and eclipse 2017. Join us for the fun and share our show with your friends.

Don't forget, not only do the people who were in the path of Hurricane Harvey still need assistance but so do their pets and other displaced animals. You can help by donating to and Please check out these worthwhile organizations and consider contributing to help those in need. Disasters like this can happen anywhere.

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