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Pix: Too Super For School by Gregg Schigiel

Writer, artist, podcaster, social media maven, and all around good guy, Gregg Schigiel returns to the show to give us more details about his new graphic novel Pix: Too Super For School coming out May 3, 2017 from Image comics and available for pre-order right now (tell your local comic shop it is Diamond Item MAR170830). This is the second in a series of graphic novels featuring Pix. Listen to Gregg's previous appearances on the show on episodes 54 and 156 (and a special one on episode 100) in our archives on iTunes and How about this for a can read the first chapter for free right now at Get all the latest about Gregg's books, podcasts, and convention appearances at

George and Gregg also talk about the late, great Chuck Barris, the anti-mushroom demographic, Noun-vember, Decem-bear, Anne of Green Gables, and Bear v Monkey. How can you go wrong? You can share the fun by putting links to the show on your social media pages and by leaving some positive reviews on iTunes. We appreciate you riding the podcast train with us. All aboard!

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The Search For Spirk...and Gonzaga

After his successful stint subbing for Tony on episode 155 (and also way back on episode 98), Eric from the Longbox Review podcast ( returns to talk to George about their favorite topic...the NCAA basketball tournament. How are your brackets doing? Oh, yeah, they also talk about another interest they share...comic books. Beware Gonzaga the Gargantuan!!!

Interested in diving into some of the books and series George and Eric mentioned on this week's show? Go to, click the Amazon link, and explore all the comic book related goodness out there. You may also support both our shows by sharing our links on your social media pages and leaving us positive five-star reviews on iTunes.

Check our archives for Eric's previous appearances on the show.

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Is That A Joy-Con In Your Pocket?

Adam Sharrock from The Gaming Marathon, another great show on The RELM Network, fills in for Tony this week to talk about being evacuated from his home during the Oroville Dam spillway erosion event a couple of weeks ago. He also tells George about the new Nintendo Switch and his favorite video game of 2016 (and a strong contender for 2017 already).  Plus, Adam got married since the last time he was on the show (episode 143; check our archives on iTunes if you haven't listened yet).

Listen to Adam and his co-hosts Asad, Aaron, and Dennis the Cynic on the Gaming Marathon on iTunes, Sound Cloud, and, of course, Keep using #HowsTheWebsiteAsad and keep checking It will be up and running someday. Plus, go to to watch the guys live stream their gameplay.

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Lemonheads and Mike and Ikes

You've heard the rest, now hear the best...then listen to us! George is joined by our resident film critic, Bryan Loy, to review the Oscar telecast from last week. It is worth the wait because it was voted best Academy Award related podcast of 2017. Wait...what do you mean we opened the wrong envelope? Damn you, PricewaterhouseCoopers!!!

Bryan is a frequent guest on and he co-hosts their sister show called B-Sides. Check out Bryan's last two appearances on our show to complete the trilogy of discussions of the films of 2016. They are episodes 144 and 157 available in our archives on iTunes and

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