George and Tony Entertainment Show

Springtime For GATES

Ah, the scents and sights of spring! This week we learn about Tony's driving limitations, his sick and depraved gaming habits, and his brackets...or lack thereof. Plus movies, music, click bait, and feedback from Nancy L. from Long Beach.

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RIP Garry Shandling 1949-2016.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #112

Ded Lizzard

Tony is back yet again! Find out how he has been. This week, our heroes talk about St. Patrick's Day minty shakes, wheelchair tricks, and the Washington DC Metro. Plus, George hates trailers and lines, lines, everywhere there's lines!

Please listen to George's appearance on episode 96 of Longbox Review on iTunes or this week. It's a double dose of George and it's a double dose of fun.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #111

Rebirth of a Nation

Rob Kaylin of Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA (; follow them on all sorts of social media at comiclogicva) returns to the boiler room studio to fill in for Tony! He and George talk about the Oscars, the Washington Redskins, and...politics?! What is happening to this show??? We are confident that Rob's stories about his time at the 10th annual ComicsPRO meeting in Portland, OR will more than cleanse your palette. ComicsPRO is the only trade organization dedicated to the progress of direct market comic book retailers. ComicsPRO is attended by these retailers and comic book publishers. 

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #110

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar

Tony is out of the office so Bryan Loy of Ten Bucks A Throw ( returns to pretty much carry the show with George. Welcome to our third annual Academy Awards review show!

Bryan has been on the show plenty of times. If you want to hear his Oscar-related appearances, go through the archives on iTunes and listen to episodes 5 and 57.  Plus, check out Bryan's most recent guest spot on episode 104 during the east coast blizzard of 2016. Please subscribe and leave us a five star review while you are at it. It is one of the best ways to support us and help grow the show. Thank you for listening.

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