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Talking Comics With Bob Reyer Part 1

Bob Reyer from the Talking Comics podcast ( occupies the guest co-host chair this week to talk about the latest Major League Baseball box scores. No, wait, that was another podcast...on this show, the ever erudite Mr. Reyer schools George on the history of comics, movies, Long Island, and Talking Comics. Plus, Bob shares some stories about his favorite creative people. There was so much content, we had to divide it into two episodes! Bob will be back next week to continue this conversation - same GATES time, same GATES channel.

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RIP Adam West 1928-2017

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Mission: Breakout!

Emmy Award winning graphic artist and newly appointed Castmember at Disneyland, Rob Shade, returns to the guest co-host hot seat to talk to George about his latest Disney adventures, work-life balance, doctors, dental plans (wait, we thought this was a show about pop culture?!), and a little ride called Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! (ah, that's more like it).

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Amy's Law

Astronomer Amy Fredericks returns to the show after accepting a "Modest Proposal" of marriage on episode 152 (check our archives on iTunes and to fill the guest co-host chair to talk about the cosmos, wedding planning, Disneyland, and all the fun stuff she has been reading lately. Give it a listen. You might learn something.

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