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George and Tony Entertainment Show #134

The Return of George Khoury

Back on Episode 107, George spoke to author George Khoury about his upcoming book from TwoMorrows Publishing. Well, it's finally here! Comic Book Fever, A Celebration of Comics From 1976 to 1986, will be released on August 24, 2016 and George returned for this episode to talk about it. If you haven't pre-ordered it already, just use the Amazon link at to order it today! You can also check it out at "Like" Comic Book Fever by George Khoury on Facebook and tell him George and Tony sent you!

Before George's conversation with Mr. Khoury, Tony talks about an upcoming trip and his fear of three letter organizations. Plus, the boys close the book on the Rio Olympics.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #133

Blame It On Rio

It's Olympic-sized fun as our heroes are joined by one of George's best friends, Rob Tredger, to discuss the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio. They talk about it all - the fun, the foibles, the triumphs, and the tragedies. Plus, the reason Rob joins the boys is so he and George can talk about their trip to the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Cue the fanfare, summon the heroes, sit back, and enjoy the show.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #132

Double Page Spread With Wendi Freeman

Wendi Freeman, the host of Double Page Spread, a podcast about comics and the people who create them, joins George to talk about podcasting, comics, the Chicago comic and music scenes, convention experiences, and the JK Woodward Appreciation Hour. Oh, yeah, Wendi is a drummer in the power pop band Daemon Familiar. We talk about that, too.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #131

The Kurosagi Podcast Delivery Service

It's that time of year again! George's nephew, Frank Shor, returns to the boiler room studio for his annual team up with our heroes. Frank has graduated high school and is on his way to college. He tells us about his senior year, preparing for university, video games, Universal Studios Florida, fun in Virginia, and...key parties?! Plus, everybody's favorite feature - the iPod game!!! And, did Tony do the homework Courtney Calkins assigned him last week? Find out all this and more by simply clicking "Play" on your inter web device. It's that simple.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #130

Courtney Calkins Comic Con

Courtney Calkins, cohost of the QuadCast ( and Shrink 2 Shrink (, two great podcasts available via iTunes, takes over...we mean, joins our heroes to talk about his love of podcasting. Plus, since Courtney is a therapist, we finally have our long awaited first session of "On The Couch With Tony!" Did Courtney wear a monocle? How should we know? This is a podcast, for goodness sake. Find out what deep dark secrets rise to the surface on this episode of The Courtney Calkins Entertainment Show featuring George and Tony.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #129


Our heroes start the show with some thanks, kudos, and recommendations. Then they jump right in with Pokemon Go, the Olympic Trials, and the 2016 Emmy Nominations. Plus, George attends another Drink and Draw at Comic Logic (

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #128

Beggin', Ballin', and Squallin'

Tony tells us about his Independence Day weekend...and why he slept in his car. George reveals the details about Connie's surprise birthday party. Plus, hospital bills, smoke detectors, Orphan Black, and New York Comic Con. We're all over the place and we know you wouldn't have it any other way.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #127

Meet Rob Shade

Who is the mysterious Rob Shade? Is he friend or foe? Has he come to save the world or is he a harbinger of the destruction of the multiverse? We may never know...until it's too late. What we do know is he is a fun guy with great stories about his cross country move to the west coast, his quest to go minimalist, his almost weekly trips to Disneyland, and how he designed the logo for the daily podcast Buzz Burbank News and Comment ( right here on the RELM Network (! All this plus the magic of Colecovision. And did we mention Rob is an Emmy Award winner? Maybe we should have led with that.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #126

The Tequila Incident

Two weeks ago, Tony told a tale of a squishy rug.  Now it's George's turn...times two. Plus, DIY and HOA woes and the return of Around the Internet with Tony.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #125

Tony Disses The Tonys

Tony's microphone woes, Tony hates musicals, and Tony talks about toys and games from his youth (so does George). Plus, the strength of Orlando.

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