George and Tony Entertainment Show (general)
George and Tony Entertainment Show #157

Garbage Fires

Film critic Bryan Loy returns to fill in for Tony and talk about the Oscar nominations, his favorite films of 2016, and those that disappointed. Do you agree with Bryan's opinions? Maybe you loved the movie that he despised the most. Let us know your picks, however obscure, on The George and Tony Entertainment page on Facebook. And don't forget to leave us a positive five-star review on iTunes. We appreciate it.

Bryan is a frequent guest on and he co-hosts their sister show called B-Sides. If you want to hear Bryan's last appearance on our show, check out episode 144 in our archives on iTunes and

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #156

Digital Trends

Tony is still on hiatus so this week George is joined by his friend Rob Oster, copy editor at Rob and the DT Team were at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month and Rob gives us a behind the scenes look at the latest in technology.

But first, Gregg Schigiel returns to the show (check out his first appearance on episode 54 in our archives on iTunes and to give us the inside scoop on the upcoming, long awaited second volume of Pix: One Weirdest Weekend called Pix: Too Super For School. All the information and updates can be found at

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #155

The Brave and the Bland

Tony remains on hiatus this week so Eric from (The Brave) joins George (The Bland) to discuss some of their favorite comic books of 2016. They also manage to talk about some movies and TV shows. You can help the show by using the Amazon link at for all your online purchases, including buying any (or all) of the items you hear about on this episode.

Longbox Review is a thoughtful, in-depth podcast about comic books that features news, reviews, and overall discussion. Please support both our shows by sharing our links on your social media pages and leaving us positive five-star reviews on iTunes.

Check our archives for Eric's previous appearance on episode 98!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #154

Omar's Adventures

George is joined by guest cohost Omar Latiri, host of ARC ( on The RELM Network (  Omar shares some stories about being out of work, becoming a Lyft driver and a tour guide in Washington DC, getting an ADD diagnosis, and preparing to be in a production of Twelve Angry Men at the Gaithersburg Art Barn in Gaithersburg, MD this month (check out for more details and tickets).  Also, our heroes talk about movies, TV, and the politics of 2016.

Omar previously appeared on episodes 56 and 94.  Listen to them in our archives on iTunes.  While you're out there, subscribe and please don't forget to leave a positive five star review to help others find the show.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #153

Alright Hamilton!

Happy New Year! How do our heroes top the "modest proposal" of marriage from last week (if you haven't heard it yet, check out episode 152 in our archives on iTunes)? They feature a discussion of the hottest Broadway show on the planet; that's how. George is joined by none other than his wife, Connie, to talk about seeing the play that took the world by storm in 2016 - Hamilton.

And speaking about the proposal from last week, we offer some extra content that was not included in that episode to spotlight the happy couple, Rob and Amy, yet again. It's a nice way to put a cap on 2016 and start 2017 with a much needed positive vibe.

If we have whet your appetite about Hamilton, please do not forget the original Broadway cast recording is available via Amazon (that's where George got it) and we ask that you use the Amazon link at when making that and all your future online purchases.

We're young, scrappy, and hungry and we're not throwing away our shot!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #152

A Modest Proposal

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa!

After appearing on the show in episode 127 (check our archives at, Rob Shade, the man who designed the logo for Buzz Burbank News and Comment ( right here on the RELM Network (, makes his triumphant return to the boiler room studio along with his girlfriend, Amy Fredericks. Amy is an astronomer and naturally questions about the stars come up, along with discussions about their mutual love of DisneyLand and how they embrace geek culture.

Do not miss the last third of the show where something extra special happens. Let's just say Rob and Amy exited the studio as different people compared to when they entered. While we can't say this is a first for podcasts, it can't occur very often.

Happy New Year!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #151

Miracle on 53rd Street

Merry Christmas!!!  Our heroes talk about a few of their favorite (and not-so favorite) things before they dive into their not-so Secret Santa and the ever popular iPod game.

Please remember to use the Amazon link at for all your last minute online holiday shopping needs.  All George and Tony want for Christmas is for all of you to share a link to their show on your social media pages and to leave those magical five-star reviews on iTunes and wherever else finer podcasts may be heard.

Thank you and happy holidays from George and Tony.

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #150

Stocking Stuffer

Due to holiday preparations and festive events, our heroes only had time to record a condensed, stocking stuffer sized version of their landmark 150th episode. Hey, it's better than coal!

Tony gives his spoiler-free review of Doctor Strange. George tells us a little bit about Paper Girls, published by Image Comics, and a lot about his current guilty TV pleasures. Plus, he tells a story about his father and the late, great Don Calfa. Editor's Note: George made a mistake regarding Mr. Calfa's filmography - he appeared in Return of the Living Dead, not Night of the Living Dead.

Please use the Amazon link at for all your holiday shopping needs. All George and Tony want for Christmas are more five star reviews on iTunes and for you to share their links on your social media pages. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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George and Tony Entertainment Show #149

Return of the Plumber

Just when George thought he would never see his plumber again, his pipes had different plans. On this episode, we hear the sequel to George's plumbing woes as his pipes strike back. Plus, Tony's gift giving anxiety.

Also on this episode, we finally present the recordings George made at the latest Drink and Draw at Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA. Check them out at and comiclogicva on all social media platforms for the schedule of their future events. And don't forget the holiday event Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 1-7PM at Ashburn Wine Shop ( located at 44050 Ashburn Shopping Plaza Suite 159, Ashburn, VA 20147. Sergio and the gang will be suggesting wines for Christmas and sparkling champagnes for New Year's Eve and they will be offering plenty of discounts. Tell 'em George and Tony sent you!

Please don't forget to use the Amazon link at for all your online shopping needs and tell your friends and family about us while you make small talk at your holiday parties.


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George and Tony Entertainment Show #148

Coaching Through Chaos With Dr. Colleen Mullen

Our heroes are joined by Dr. Colleen Mullen, host of the Coaching Through Chaos podcast which is relaunching on January 3, 2017. Subscribe on iTunes and She is also the cohost of Shrink 2 Shrink (also available on iTunes) where she and friend of the show, Courtney Calkins (who appeared on episode 130), psychoanalyze protagonists in major motion pictures. Watch out for episode 109 this week at when they take on Four Christmases just in time for the holidays.

Dr. Mullen helps raise the IQ points of the show exponentially as she discusses relationships, social anxieties, PTSD and issues affecting veterans. Plus, it's time once again for On The Couch With Tony!

We apologize for some of the audio glitches you may hear on the show. We are aware of the problem and are taking steps to correct it as soon as possible. Thank you for listening and continuing to stick with the little podcast that can.

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