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The Heart of NOVACON

George is joined by guest co-host Tom McKeon, otherwise known as the Heart of NOVACON. NOVACON ( was the comic, gaming, cosplaying, pop culture event held at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, VA July 28-30 this year. Last week you heard George speak with Ming Chen from AMC's Comic Book Men at the convention (check out episode 183 in our archives at and you heard George and his nephew Frank discuss their volunteering experiences. This week, Tom tells George about his own adventures volunteering in almost all aspects of the show. 

We had originally planned a round table discussion about NOVACON but scheduling conflicts prevented that. Not only did Tom provide more than enough behind-and-in-front-of-the-scenes stories, George also had a chance to record a conversation with Kevin Bednarz, one of the key players behind NOVACON. This episode provides a nice epilogue to NOVACON 2017.

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Ming Chen From AMC's Comic Book Men At NOVACON

Ming Chen was at the first NOVACON at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, VA this weekend and George was there to talk to him about the new season of Comic Book Men on AMC, his plethora of podcasts, his new coffee shop (Coral Sword) opening soon in Houston, running marathons, and his hectic convention schedule. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mingchen37 and let him know you heard him on the show.

George was also there to volunteer with his nephew Frank who returns to the show to talk about his experience at NOVACON.

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Blue, Ace, and Tu-Tone

After guest co-hosting on episode 179 just a few weeks ago (check our archives at, Eric from Longbox Review ( returns and George makes good on his promise to not discuss comics with a man who has a podcast solely about comics! So, what do our heroes talk about this week? How about vacations, summertime fun, the ins and outs of Idaho, sonograms, training for 5k races, beer, and feeling nostalgic? It's our Christmas in July gift to you. You didn't think we'd let the Hallmark Channel have all the fun now did you?

Plus, a special announcement about NOVACON from none other than Ming Chen from AMC's hit show Comic Book Men (coming back for a seventh season in October). NOVACON is coming to the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, VA THIS WEEKEND (July 28-30, 2017)!!! Get all the details and your tickets at You might even see George at the Registration Booth. You will definitely see Ming Chen there Saturday and Sunday...and you can hear him on the show next week!

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Fun Train Wrecks Featuring Bryan Loy

Last heard on episode 162 (check our archives on iTunes and, film critic Bryan Loy returns to fill in for Tony and to talk about the movies from the first half of 2017 that we loved and loved to hate. George and Bryan also discuss Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, drive-ins, and what to look forward to as we enter the second half of the year.

Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Baby Driver...these are just a few of the movies you will hear about on this show. And don't forget to check out Bryan's frequent appearances on The Epic Film Guys Podcast on iTunes and

NOVACON is coming to the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, VA July 28-30, 2017. If you are in the northern Virginia area, please come on out and support local creators, meet some celebrities, and cosplay your weekend away! Go to for all the details. Tell 'em George and Tony (and Bryan) sent you.

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Light Chasers by Mike Slade

Kickstarter Alert! Meet Mike Slade, author of the sci-fi prose novel Omega Children (2013) and the writer of the new comic Light Chasers, an independent comic that needs your support to see the light of day (no pun intended). Mike joins George and special guest co-host, artist Rodney Roberts (check out his appearance on episode 171 in our archives at to talk about the Light Chasers Kickstarter campaign, NOVACON (tickets on sale now at, Space Camp, and sequestering oneself in Alabama to write.

Please go to to become a backer at any level of Light Chasers. Help Mike get this book funded and tell 'em George and Tony (and Rodney) sent you. Check out Rodney Roberts at iongraphx on Instagram and plus visit his booth at NOVACON at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, Virginia July 28-30, 2017. Let him know you heard him on the show. Also, check out the artwork of Tonia from Lost Rhino Brewery as mentioned on the show at chalkoholic on Instagram. Subscribe to The George and Tony Entertainment Show on iTunes and share our links on your social media pages. George had some microphone issues during the first half of the show but please stick with us. A fun, informative conversation awaits you.


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Bwa Ha Ha Podcasters

Happy Independence Day!

Eric from Longbox Review ( returns after his triumphant appearance on episode 173 (check our archives at to talk about the comics we can't wait to read. Plus, seeing Ira Glass in person, vacations, and what's so great about Boise, ID anyway?

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Talking Comics With Bob Reyer Part 2 - By Bob Betrayed!

This week we present the epic conclusion to George's conversation with guest co-host Bob Reyer from the Talking Comics podcast ( Comics, pop culture, and fantastic fun await you. Plus, do Bob's buddies at Talking Comics believe he betrayed the brotherhood? You can find out on episode 291 of Talking Comics. Check them out with their guest Katy Rex after you listen to us. Also, you can listen to part one of this conversation on episode 177 (and all our other shows) in our archives at

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Talking Comics With Bob Reyer Part 1

Bob Reyer from the Talking Comics podcast ( occupies the guest co-host chair this week to talk about the latest Major League Baseball box scores. No, wait, that was another podcast...on this show, the ever erudite Mr. Reyer schools George on the history of comics, movies, Long Island, and Talking Comics. Plus, Bob shares some stories about his favorite creative people. There was so much content, we had to divide it into two episodes! Bob will be back next week to continue this conversation - same GATES time, same GATES channel.

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RIP Adam West 1928-2017

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Mission: Breakout!

Emmy Award winning graphic artist and newly appointed Castmember at Disneyland, Rob Shade, returns to the guest co-host hot seat to talk to George about his latest Disney adventures, work-life balance, doctors, dental plans (wait, we thought this was a show about pop culture?!), and a little ride called Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! (ah, that's more like it).

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Amy's Law

Astronomer Amy Fredericks returns to the show after accepting a "Modest Proposal" of marriage on episode 152 (check our archives on iTunes and to fill the guest co-host chair to talk about the cosmos, wedding planning, Disneyland, and all the fun stuff she has been reading lately. Give it a listen. You might learn something.

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