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Deck The Halls With Kevin Starkey

You have heard his name mentioned on the show for no reason whatsoever over the past few weeks. It has been a mysterious ear worm, a curious subplot, a question you didn't even know you wanted answered. Well, get ready everybody, because this week you meet Kevin Starkey at last!

George introduces you to his guest co-host and our heroes discuss Halloween Comic Fest Crud, cosplaying, Inktober, social anxiety, Toast Masters, comic books, and, of course, the Hallmark Channel's Countdown To Christmas movie marathon.

Has your interest been piqued? As a result of this episode, Kevin revamped his website,, which includes links to his You Tube content from a few years ago as mentioned on the show.

We apologize for the buzz on our audio this week. Unfortunately, it wasn't Buzz Burbank. 

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