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You've heard him briefly on a few episodes and you've heard his business partners and customers bust his chops (among other things) on past episodes (most recently on episodes 170 and 171). Now Kevin Bednarz fills the guest co-host chair to talk to George about Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA (, The Ashburn Pub, MCA Day, great customers, Disney Cruises, and a little something called NOVACON ( You may have heard about it on the show. It's just two months away on July 28-30 at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, VA. Get your tickets now and tell 'em George and Tony (and Kevin) sent you. 

Plus, Rob Kaylin of Comic Logic gets his own theme song. We gave one to Rich Gollhofer, too.

This episode was made available on Memorial Day weekend 2017. Please take the time to remember and honor those who sacrificed everything so we could have the freedom to talk about these fun and geeky things on a podcast. 

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