George and Tony Entertainment Show
George and Tony Entertainment Show #144

Middleburg Film Festival 2016

Happy Halloween! What could be better than a bag full of fun sized treats? How about the return of Bryan Loy (@tenbucksathrow on Twitter) to talk about The Middleburg Film Festival ( Tony took the week off so Bryan and George could talk about the ten movies they saw between them (including Lion, Moonlight, and La La Land) and the two special events they attended at their favorite film festival of the year. Bryan can now be heard as a frequent guest on and he co-hosts their sister show called B-Sides. Check 'em out and let them know George and Tony sent you.

We celebrate cinema this week and you can too by using the Amazon link at when purchasing your Blu-Rays, DVDs, digital downloads, and all your holiday gifts and supplies. Please help support the show by sharing our links on your social media pages. Subscribing on iTunes and leaving positive five-star reviews are always appreciated. Thank you for listening.

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